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Great news, everyone! We've gotten our first donations. Big thanks to Jeannie Kilgour for her generous contribution. Made in honour of her late husband, Dave, who worked tirelessly for this community all of his life (and who was a proponent of Capreol getting online back in the 1990s, when our…

Former Capreol Fastball Fixture Chosen For Hall of Fame

Don Prescott, the founder and manager of Capreol’s Junior/Juvenile fastball squad, is finally getting his due. Come June 12th, 2019, the man—still respectively called ‘Coach’ by an entire generation of our town's youth—is being inducted into the Sudbury House of Kin Hall of Fame. Capreol's first Junior team Though best…

Times Have Changed

1959 is more than a lifetime ago for many. For others it seems just like yesterday. Thanks to Tony Skopyk we're able to share this sixty year old copy of Capreol's newspaper, then called The Capreol - Valley Express. (Tony's modern version, named The Express, returns to print this June.…

Kidz Biz

There's a buzz about C.R. Judd Elementary. Lots is going on as the school year winds to a close (not soon enough for the students or faculty, we're sure!). Even if you don't have a connection to Capreol's only remaining educational institution it's important that all citizens support the school…


The Valley Community Theatre is launching their newest show, another hilarious Tuna, Texas adventure. This time the gang visits 'Sin City' and hijinks ensue! Numerous Capreolites will be gracing the stage at our town's Millennium Centre—April 25, 26, 27 and May 2, 3, 4. All shows at 7pm. Tickets are…

Crusty’s Pizza

Pizza is an iconic food in North America. The average citizen will eat six whole pizzas a year and the pizza industry is estimated to be worth more than $35 Billion a year (in the U.S. alone). That's pretty impressive for a dish that, at the dawn of the 20th…

Hello Capreol!

It's time for Capreol to get online. Or, rather, back online. Our town broke ground with its first web presence, For seventeen years, starting in 1999, Gary Biesinger ran a comprehensive community website. It was upbeat and informative, highlighting many of Capreol's best features and provided—for the first time…