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The Audion Theatre

Capreol was once a self-sufficient community. Residents lived, worked, and shopped within our town's borders and never needed to leave—everything necessary for everyday living was within walking distance. In fact, at one time it was more common for Capreolites to travel to Toronto (by train) than it was to make…

Capreol’s Water Tank

By Gary Kibsey (originally published in CapreolOnline) It all began in a small Northern Ontario railroad town called Capreol. I lived at 10 Shaw Street, on the edge of that small town, in a wonderful, whacky family with one jealous brother, two sweet sisters and, of course, a Mom and…

That Capreol Connection

If you’re reading this then you’ve mastered the power of the Internet. The World Wide Web has changed our planet in a million ways—some good, others not-so-good. Finding information has never been easier. Unfortunately, finding accurate information has never been harder. That’s civilization in a nut-shell: one step forward and…

BBQ Fundraiser(s)

The Capreol Ridge Riders Snowmobile Club has postponed their BBQ until tomorrow, Sunday Feb. 20, due to strong winds. For those hankering for something fresh from the grill today, however, the Capreol Cross Country Ski Club is hosting their annual SAUSAGE ON A BUN at the chalet from 11-3PM. Capreol…

BBQ Fundraiser—Sat. Feb 19, ’22

Our town's longstanding—and very active—snowmobile club, the Capreol Ridge Riders, is holding a BBQ fundraiser on Saturday, February 19, 2022 from 11 am until 3 pm. Located near the former helicopter pad at the end of Railway St., near the snowmobile trail, people are encouraged to visit with the volunteers,…

Winter Wonderland or Nature’s Icebox?

It's been a cold January in 2022. The thermometer outside my front door has read -40 several times this month and the brutally bitter north wind has made it feel colder still. Luckily for me I don't have to go out very often in this weather. Life in Capreol wasn't…

The More Things Change

In honour of Capreol's current newspaper, THE EXPRESS, and its recent change in ownership/editor we are reprinting the following excerpt from more than sixty years previous. The Capreol and Valley Express is part of a long journalistic line, focussing on our town (and surrounding area) to the benefit of all.…


Where does the time go? It seems like yesterday we were welcoming 2021 and here we are starting another whole year already. Oh, there were days that seemed to last forever. Depressing days when the CoVid numbers just kept climbing and mind-bogglingly stupid days like during our recent federal election—when…

Santa Claus Parade

Santa Claus really is coming to town…if you live in Capreol at least. That's right, for the second year in a row, our community will host a 'drive-by' parade. Mark your calendar for Saturday, December 11th and be sure to dress warm and wave. The festive fun will begin at…

Thank You

With Thanksgiving being celebrated this weekend (in Canada at least) we figured now would be an appropriate time to offer our thanks to the community we proudly call home: Capreol. Is ours the best town in Canada? Maybe. We certainly lean in that direction. The residents of Capreol—both those currently…