Mayoral Debate

In what can only be called a “coup” for the town of Capreol, we have the candidates for mayor gathering in our community arena on October 5 at 7pm.

Few details have been confirmed beyond the when and where. All nine mayoral candidates have been invited. Which will make the trek to Capreol in October remains a mystery. Regardless, this event is not to be squandered. This may very well be residents only opportunity to put a question to the individual who will soon be running the city. DO NOT MISS THIS CHANCE.

Bring your questions and your criticisms. Please be respectful and courteous, remember in Capreol we may disagree but we remain polite even then. Or at least we try.

As of publication there were only three other public debates scheduled for the city’s mayoral candidates.

These include:

Meet the Mayoral Candidates” event at the ParkSide Older Adult Centre (140 Durham Street) on October 1 beginning at 1:30 p.m. Hosted by the Canadian Association for Retired Persons Sudbury Chapter and the Sudbury Arts Council. All candidates have been invited to participate.

Mayoral Town Hall focussing on “environmental and social issues” on October 3 from 7-9pm. Hosted by Coalition for a Livable Sudbury at Sudbury Indie Cinema (162 MacKenzie St.).

Mayoral Candidates Fireside Chat” on October 6 from 7-9pm. Hosted by the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce at the Collège Boréal concert hall. Five select candidates, including Brian Bigger, Evelyn Dutrisac, Paul Lefebvre, Miranda Rocca-Circelli and Mila Wong.

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