Have Yourself a MERRY CAPREOL

2022’s August long-weekend saw untold excitement in our town. Not only did Capreol Days return after an extended pandemic hiatus but MadCap Publishing released its 10th book: Merry Capreol.

For those who haven’t heard of MadCap Publishing, or its many Capreol-centred titles, here’s the lowdown: Founded in 2009 with the launch of Matthew Del Papa’s first book, The Legend of Capreol Red: And Other Stories From a Railroad Town, the publisher burst onto the local literary scene. More books followed including, Nursing Doubts: The Miss Hattie Mysteries, Green Eyes Through Capreol: More Stories From a Railroad Town, Creepy Capreol: Chilling Tales From a Railroad Town, Nightmare at the North Pole, Creepy Capreol, Jr.: Frightening Fiction For—and From—Young Minds, and Captivating Capreol: Thoughts From a Railroad Town.

Then, for the town’s Centennial, MadCap Publishing released two titles. A history of Capreol’s legendary fast-pitch softball teams entitled, Capreol At Bat: The Fastball Years, and a full-colour comic book called, Zombie Digest. The following year they came out with Creepy Capreol, Jr. 2: Too Many Zombies!. And the the global pandemic hit. The publisher has been quiet since 2019…until now.

Merry Capreol marks a return to form. Featuring 21 Christmas-themed short stories, with more than 40 amazing illustrations by Capreol’s own Bonnie Ouellet-Mathieu, it is a festive read for anyone harbouring the spirit of the season.

Here is a small sample of Bonnie’s delightful art:

Pond Hockey
Reindeer Chorus Line
Shotgun Christmas

Available for purchase at the Capreol Makers’ Market—look for Cookie’s Diamond Painting—or by contacting Mat through email ( crashmat13@gmail.com ), the book costs $15.00 CAN and makes a great gift.

Of course MadCap Publishing is not done. We’ll have a new book out in time for Capreol Days 2023. This double-feature will mark a return to our origins…train stories!

Stay tuned, we’re got more surprises to come!

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