Where does the time go? It seems like yesterday we were welcoming 2021 and here we are starting another whole year already.

Oh, there were days that seemed to last forever. Depressing days when the CoVid numbers just kept climbing and mind-bogglingly stupid days like during our recent federal election—when ignorant protesters threw stones at Trudeau. Can you believe that happened…in Canada?! I still can’t. And I doubt I’ll ever forget the terror and heartbreak on January 6, watching Trump’s insurrection almost bring American democracy down. I still remember burning outrage I felt as cowardly Republican politicians washed their hands of responsibility. What about the Canal debacle that essentially shut down the global supply chain or the surge in lumber prices? Last year contained a multitude of miseries.

But now we start anew. 2022 is all possibilities. Hopefully we’ll make more of the coming year and each of its days.

We’ve got provincial and municipal elections coming. Opportunities for fresh ideas to take centre stage. The Winter Olympics are scheduled…in China. God only knows what that’s going to be like. Perhaps we’ll see sport at its most inspirational or, more likely, the Communist regime will fall back on authoritarianism and stifle the glory. About the only thing we can know with certainty as we enter 2022 is that the weather will be unpredictable in its extremes.

So, rather than waste time guessing what tomorrow will bring, we at www.mycapreol.com want to wish everyone the best. Have a happy and healthy new year. Stay safe and stay sane. 2022 will try our patience and our humanity. Just know that, no matter how bad things may seem, we’re all in this together…and that 2023 will be here before you know it.

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