Thank You

With Thanksgiving being celebrated this weekend (in Canada at least) we figured now would be an appropriate time to offer our thanks to the community we proudly call home: Capreol.

Is ours the best town in Canada? Maybe. We certainly lean in that direction. The residents of Capreol—both those currently living within town limits and the people long moved away—have been incredibly supportive of our efforts.

Most know that this site is volunteer run. Less well known is our financial situation. Websites are not cheap and is funded entirely through donations. That income is hit and miss. Some months we’re flush and others we are searching the couch cushions to make ends meet.

Every once in a while, however, a cheque comes in that goes above and beyond even this town’s normally generous standards. October 2021 marks one of those occasions. Our largest ever donation—thanks to “D” for her substantial contribution, it is much appreciated—will see us in the black for an entire year!

This most recent example reminded us, once again, how much owes to its supporters. Please know that every dollar goes directly into this website—paying our monthly hosting fees and the yearly domain name renewal.

As every shopper knows, “Money always fits.” But to make this site a success we need more than cash. Content is key too. Anyone with photos, stories, or even ideas they wish to share are asked to contact us via email:

Thank you for visiting. We hope you find some value in and come back often.

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