Temporary Hiatus

Regular readers will know that myCapreol is…less than timely with its posts. Try as we might, life often takes priority over updating this site. Our aim is to put something new up every two weeks. Sometimes that stretches a bit longer. Trust us, we’re more discouraged by that fact than you are.

Unfortunately, we need to step away from even that periodic schedule for the next two months. We will continue to post obituaries sent to us and honour our commitment to hosting the link/back-issues of THE EXPRESS during that time. Just don’t expect us to be particularly prompt getting anything uploaded to the website.

The good news is the reason we are temporarily stepping aside: our webmaster, Matthew Del Papa, has signed a contract with noted Sudbury publishing company Latitude 46 and has a pressing deadline to hit.

For those unfamiliar with the publishing industry, just know that landing a contract is a big deal. While Latitude 46 may not rank among the largest publishers in Canada it has a strong reputation and has put out some truly great books. Visit their website to see their catalogue of titles:


So, to sum up, don’t expect any fresh articles between now and December. But do check back as 2021 closes for updates about Matthew’s progress. And know that you’ll hear all about his book when it hits shelves come late 2022 or early 2023.

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