Local Author’s Novel a ‘Must Read’

A deep dive into the best parts of science fiction—thrilling and thought-provoking! Naïda is Overton’s best book yet. I buy him on sight and never regret the choice.

The name ‘Scott Overton’ might ring a bell. Not only is he an acclaimed novelist and a much sought-after audiobook narrator, he also spent over thirty years working in radio. Featured on several of Sudbury’s more popular stations Scott’s approachable on-air ‘personality’ made radio seem easy.

Good news, he writes with the same easy confidence.

Overton’s created a fun, yet thoughtful, sci-fi novel that merges the best aspects of first contact, coming-of-age, and superhero fiction into a tightly-plotted ecological-adventure novel. Full of believable characters, seamless dialogue, and, above all, heart, Naïda is a thrill ride from start to finish. Scott has outdone himself with each successive release—from his much-acclaimed debut novel Dead Air, to his two short story collections Beyond and Disastrous! And let’s not forget to mention his first novel-length foray into science fiction, The Primus Labyrinth. In a very success ‘second act’ Scott Overton has proven himself a talent of note.

His near-future visions are not to be missed.

Murky waters are the least of Michael Hart’s problems. The amateur scuba diver finds himself out of his depths when unwittingly ‘joined’ to an alien symbiote. He knows curiosity killed the cat but worries it might do worse to him. Could his sense of wonder really lead to the end of the world? There’s reason to believe he might just find out.

Earth’s fate rests on his ability to communicate with his body’s unwelcome guest. Unsure who to trust, Michael finds himself doubting his own choices and suspecting the alien’s ‘real’ motivation. Worse, his friends and family are turning on him in his time of need. If he ever hopes to reconcile with the symbiote he’ll have convince ocean researcher Sakiko Matthews that he’s not insane and join in her fight to cure the acidification of the seas. 

The limits of human potential are front and centre as one man’s comfortably boring life changes…and not by choice. Only Michael Hart knows the truth but will anyone listen? Time is running out and so is the alien symbiote’s patience.

A natural wordsmith, Scott Overton’s most recent novel has the quiet competence of a seasoned author mixed with the pure joy of a lifelong fan of the genre. In Naïda he proves himself equally adept at taking the reader from the everyday life of an unhappy university professor and carrying us into the mind of an orphaned alien waiting millennia to complete its destiny.

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