Moose Mountain Mine, Part 1

We here at love old photos. The older the better. Especially when those photos are related to our town and its history. Sharing Capreol’s story is the main reason this site came to be. Today we have some truly great pictures of ‘the mine’.

For those unfamiliar with our town’s second-most prominent employer, things can be confusing. There were a number of names associated with the mine, Moose Mountain is one of the earliest and served as a shorthand for locals even after the ‘official’ moniker changed. We lifted the following description from the web:

“Located at Sellwood, about 15 miles northwest of Capreol, Moose Mountain Mine was reached by a short spur off the Ruel Subdivision of Canadian Northern’s mainline to Foleyet. It was controlled by Mackenzie and Mann, Canadian Northern’s developers. It was both an underground and open pit mine operating between 1901 and 1920. A small crushing plant was shortly replaced by a concentrating and briquetting plant. Ore was shipped to Key Harbour on Georgian Bay. Following its closure in 1920 the company town remained into the 1950’s.”

Here are some early photos from Sellwood:

“Between 1954 and 1956, Lowphos Ore surveyed and drilled properties around Sellwood and then began construction of a processing plant. In June 1959 they began shipping processed ore and by 1963 had created a pelletizing plant with a 600,000-ton annual capacity. Canadian National relaid track to the mine utilizing mostly the original roadbed. Ore was shipped out to Depot Harbour on Georgian Bay for transhipping to lake boats for shipment to National Steel Corporation, owner of the operation. It closed again in the mid-1970’s due to the declining steel industry and once again track was pulled up.”

The next pictures look to be professional quality and might be promotional material from when the mine was revitalized. Most are undated but we believe them to be from the mid-1950s. If anyone knows more, please contact us. We will share more in a few weeks.

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