Milnet Memories

Capreol is lucky. We’ve got three ghost towns in our backyard.

Today we’re focussing on one: Milnet. Why that town? Because we’ve been given some great photos of the community and wanted an excuse to share them with our followers.

First, there are the industrial pictures. Milnet was, as the name implies, a mill town. Lumber built it and lumber, specifically lumber fires, destroyed it…repeatedly. Or at least parts of it. You can see the damage from one such fire in the pictures below. Also visible, in the largest are two rail lines (the leftmost having a small bridge) that both connected Milnet to Capreol (and prior to that Sellwood) and transported its lumber to market.

Then come the residential photos. Even though Milnet is now known almost exclusively as a ‘ghost town’, we need to remember that it was once home to a number of people (there are, in fact, a few people still living in the area—try to be respectful of them and their property if you’re ever in the area). The following shows a two views of the same house, a somewhat blurry picture of a boy in a field and a man walking down the road with what we think is smoke (possibly from one of the fires) visible in the background, and a second house with the family posing out front…identified as ‘Lois, Fred, and Wilma’.

People are, of course, what make a community. And we were lucky enough to receive the following photos. The first shows a familiar looking house in the background alongside a large sign that reads ‘MARSHAY LUMBER COMPANY’. We’re guessing below that is ‘Milnet Ontario’ but are unable to determine the third word.

Times change and what was, 100 years ago, a thriving community is now long gone. Traces remain, however, for those willing to look. Stone and concrete last, sometimes even longer than memories. You can see the outline of the one house in the first few pictures below, along with the ‘safe’ built to store gold dredged from the Vermillion River (a plan that never quite panned out).

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