Life In the Time of CoVid-19

All of a sudden I understand why trapped animals chew their legs off. With the global pandemic forcing people into self-imposed quarantine I’m desperate for escape. Not that I have anywhere in particular to go—just out. ‘Stir Crazy’ doesn’t come close to describing my current mood.

Normally I hibernate throughout the winter. Keeping busy with indoor activities, reading and writing and watching TV/movies, has never posed a problem for me. I seldom venture out in the cold but I could have. Now I cannot. The Ontario government has shut the province down and violating that fiat is sure to turn my neighbours against me. We’re not, quite, at the point where every Canadian sticking their nose outside is suspect…but the moment is getting closer. Imagine it: thirty-five million potential Typhoid Marys!

This virus has exposed society’s ugly side. Profiteering, self-interest, ignorance, and worse. It has also shown us glimpses of our better angels. Generosity, self-sacrifice, empathy, and more. Try and cling to the good when times get bad. And they’re going to get bad. Very bad.

Right now I fear for my immediate family. I don’t think they’re going to make it through this crisis. They’re old and not in the best of health. But it’s not the virus that’s presenting the risk. That would be me. I’m afraid I might murder them all if we’re stuck together for one more moment! Surviving CoVid-19 will be easy compared to living with my family, in increasingly cramped and fervour-inducing isolation. And there’s weeks (or God help me, months!) more to go.

A lot of people are scared. I get it. I’m scared too. Not of the virus though. There’s not much I can do about the infection beyond what I’m already doing—hand-washing, social distancing, and the like. No, what’s got me worried is people. Face facts, most of aren’t that bright or all that brave. Panic and mass hysteria are already setting in. Seriously folks…stop getting your health advice from Fox News! (Holding your breath for 10 seconds is NOT a valid test for CoVid-19.)

I’ve got three shelves full of hand sanitizer, two rooms packed floor-to-ceiling with toilet paper, not to mention a closet of loaded shotguns. And yet, for all that, I’m acting with restraint compared to many. Which is just…sad.

Caution is the proper response to the pandemic. Take a moment and breathe. Remember where you live and what all you and your neighbours have been through in the past. Capreol has faced hard times aplenty—wars and viruses, storms and earthquakes, floods and fires—we’ll get through this too. It won’t be easy, and you might be tempted to throttle your kids during their extended March Break a time or twelve, but if there’s one thing living in this town teaches it’s how to cope.

Capreol is, after all, the little town that could. Could what? Could…anything it sets its collective mind to—succeed. Survive. You name it and together, Capreol and its people (residents both current and former), can achieve it. Let’s all show what we’re made of.

My advice to all Capreolites is simple: Keep your head up, try to face life’s difficulties with good humour, and be kind—to others and yourself.

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  1. Thank you. I’ve just moved here and I love this town. People are so friendly. I have no symptoms but I am a retired senior and I am self isolating because it’s the thing to do, both for me and others. When this is over I will be back to m&r grill. I’m the lady who makes the mats from plastic bags for the homeless. Will be back at it when all this is over

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