Meeting is Thursday, October 17

For those of you concerned with the vote to build a ridiculously luxurious twin pad arena in the Valley—while closing Capreol’s beloved Ice #1—need to know I got the date wrong in my previous post. The meeting is taking place a day later than I thought. On Thursday, October 17. Still at Centennial arena and still, as far as I know, at 7pm.

I’ve got egg on my face, I know

The meeting is being hosted by Ward 6 councillor Rene Lapierre—who wrongfully voted ‘YES’ on the issue. (Only four councillors opposed—Mike Jakubo, Ward 7; Michael Vagnini, Ward 2; Gerry Montpellier, Ward 3; and Bill Leduc, Ward 11.) It is free and bilingual.

I get I look like a bit of an imbecile for posting the wrong date. I’ll own that mistake. We need to get out and ensure Councillor Lapierre realizes his error. Be vocal. Be active. Be there…Thursday, October 17.

Please inform everyone you can of my error. Spread the news on social media. Be sure to call all your friends and family. And, next time you see me, give me a slap (not too hard though, I’m fragile!).

D’oh, indeed.
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