C. R. Judd is grateful to the families and friends who have helped make our gardens look so beautiful!

Back in June, the Sauve family donated and planted flowers in the planters that were constructed and donated by the Marshall family. In addition, the front gardens were replanted with beautiful perennials, many donated from the gardens of our volunteers. Another one of our parents, Angie Foley, came by after-school and re-planted the front bed more than once to ensure it looked just right. This project sprouted from our School Council and their goal to enhance our school yard’s appearance. Since then, a group of volunteers has tended to the gardens all summer, coming by to water and weed. Just last week, volunteers came in and worked alongside some of our students weeding and tidying up the courtyard so we can all enjoy this beautiful space. When the students came back to school this September, many commented how beautiful their school looked and how much the flowers had grown.  All of us at C.R. Judd truly appreciate our volunteers and how they enhance our school community.

Acts of kindness are blooming at Judd, just like the flowers!  Shout out to our Summer Watering Garden Angels: Paula Marshall, Sharon Thomas, Laura Steinerstauch, & Tracey Legrand!! We appreciate you all!

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