Seniors Exercise Class

Are you a senior looking to get fit? Do you want to socialize and stay healthy at the same time? Do you like soup? If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, there’s good new: The Soup to Tomatoes exercise classes are back by popular demand!!

Any brand or flavour of soup will do!

Ran by the Capreol Nurse Practitioner Led Clinic starting October 15th and ending November 19th, every Tuesday from 1pm until 2pm hosted at the Capreol Lions Hall 2A Stull Street in Capreol.

There is no cost for this program which was developed in Espanola to help seniors gain more strength, stability and of course provide a wonderful social outing as well.

The Lions are proud to be a small part of this fantastic program, please visit for more information.

WE along with the community thank the CNLPC for offering this and other programs which can be found at

Canadian and PROUD of it!

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