53rd CN Golf Tournament

We had a wonderful Sunny day at Chelmsford G.C. for the 53rd annual NOD CN (Northern Ontario Division) golf tourney. This years winners were:

Men’s Winners: Johnny Svalina, Nick Harry – 65
Seniors Winners: Tim Morris, Hilory Briscoe – 73
Women’s Winners: Maggie Mazzuca, Tina Svalina – 80

Mens Runners Up: B.J. Marshall, Joel Hawrelluk – 65
(Retrogression Rule applied)
Women’s Runners Up: Lynn Mazzuca Trisha Mazzuca-Michel – 90

Men’s Longest Drive: Brent Dixon
Senior’s Longest Drive: Pat Burd
Women’s Longest Drive: Tina Svalina

Men’s Closest to Hole: #12 – Johnny Svalina, #14 – Nick Harry
Women’s Closest to Hole: #12 – Maggie Mazzuca

As an added highlight this year we had a Hole in One on #10!!! (Attested by Glen Lepki.) That hole, sponsored by PBL Insurance—many thanks to them and the tournament—paid out $10,000.00 to Claude Landry, a Cancer Survivor. Claude’s foursome agreed to a pact at the tee to split the winnings and so his playing partners, Bruce Yensen, Gorde Howe, and Pat Burd, all shared the good fortune. Their generosity continued after the round when the group bought drinks for the Clubhouse and, even more kindly, agreed to give $l,000.00 in addition to the tournament’s donation to the Northern Cancer Centre in November. (Way to go guys!)

Tournament organizer, Frank Mazzuca, would like to thank the Chelmford Golf Course as well as the Cooks and Servers at the Legion—everyone enjoyed the meal. He has a special ‘Thank You’ for Lynn, Todd, Trisha, Tina, Jaye & Maggie. Not to mention all the event supporters and the participants. As Frank say, “No one sees how hard anyone works, just the final result. But what’s better than 65 smiling faces?”

Of course this wasn’t the first time the CN Golf Tournament proved a success. It dates back more than fifty years.

Started by Ned Healey, Vince Dashnay, Hank Thomson, Joe Fougere, and Dunk Ferguson (among others), it used to be played on Saturdays…until (allegedly) the office staff realized they could have a day off if it was moved to Friday.

The current organizer remembers his introduction to the tournament, “My Uncle Silvio invited me to one of the first, on Saturday at the old curling club. I think there may have been twenty golfers to start!”

Organizers came and went over the years. Al Barbe and Jim Cappadocia
ran it for a time. Jim still laughs about all the fun they had, “Al and I peeled potatoes late into the night the day before, filling an old bathtub in his backyard, then on the big day we stayed up to early morning barbecuing outside the arena.” Following Jim and Al, Norm Theberge and Bob Deciccio took over and ran things.

And then the were the hundreds of volunteers who did their parts too, working behind the scenes: cooking, gathering prizes, and more. Some took part for a year, others contributed for decades—but all did their part and more to ensure the event’s success.

Mazzuca took over in 1993, saying, “The tournament was a no go and, with it being our Jubilee, I hated to see it not run after all those years! I decided to take a crack at it, with the help of the family.”

Last year was the event’s most successful year ever! The 2018 tournament was scheduled to coincide with Capreol’s 100th birthday and, thanks to committed volunteers and the support of the community, they fielded 144 golfers in a truly memorable day.

2019, however, marks a turning point. As Frank says, “After 26 years it’s time to pass the torch!” He’s hoping, “someone steps up” and promises to help, from “the background” should they wish.

“It has always been a pleasure for us to see so many smiling faces at the end of the day, rain or shine. And we have had our share of rain. I can always remember Ray Berube and Joe Hanzel walking to the first tee at Garson, the rest of us sitting in the car. It was raining so hard we could not get out! My Uncle, Silvio Del Papa, surprised us by saying to our foursome, ‘That’s it’ after just seven holes?!”

For Frank Mazzuca, and his many helpers (most notably his wife and children), the smiles made all the effort worth it. But, of course, the money raised for charity proved satisfying too. Every year the proceeds were returned to local causes (including Diabetes, Kidney, and Soup Kitchens), with the most going to Cancer Research in Sudbury. In 26 years they raised over $15,000 for cancer alone. Frank adds, “WE HAVE TO BEAT THIS DISEASE IN OUR LIFE TIME, HOPE WE LIVE LONG ENOUGH!!”

“The biggest winners for us,” Frank says, “are all the people who come out to make this all possible. THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH! Keep them down the middle!!!”

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  1. Nice remembrance, of a very long running golf tournament. I recall many of the tournaments at both Garson, and Chelmford, Much fun by all who participated. I have played in this tournament with my Father, and brother, in my first, tournament. My son, latter on, and my grand children, in 2018. It was always a great home coming to meet many old friends at the CN golf outing. Thank You for all the work that goes into it. One needs organize an event like this to realize the many hours of work, prior to the day itself, to understand what these many organizers over the year, have done for us to enjoy tournament day. Thank You, please keep it going.

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