Capreol—Hollywood North?

The TV event of the century took place last month—CBC aired Goalie. That film, telling the story of famed net minder Terry Sawchuk, received a limited theatrical release in March of 2019 but its television debut was, realistically, the first chance most Canadians had to view the movie.

Signed posters for the film Goalie
Terry Sawchuk—played 21 years in the NHL and set dozens of records.

Capreol residents might have noticed some familiar locations and faces throughout the movie. Our local arena was used for a part of Goalie‘s filming, as were some downtown locals, and numerous residents worked as paid ‘extras’. The excitement this one film brought to our town was palpable—the Capreol Memorial Arena was hopping for several days as filming took place

This wasn’t the first time our little town hosted a film crew, either. No, much of northern Ontario is getting into the movie business. Government grants, tax breaks, and the prospect of jobs has many communities climbing aboard the industry’s bandwagon. Both Sudbury and North Bay, as two local examples, have several films and TV shows currently on location—Carter being one and Letterkenny being another (it also filmed in Capreol’s arena for a day or two this past winter).

Filming in our region offers many unique opportunities.

So far two ‘hockey’ films have used Capreol, the aforementioned Goalie and, a year prior, Indian Horse—a powerful story about the struggles of a young native boy trying to reconcile his love of our national sport with a prejudiced society (it was a period movie set in the 1950s) that viewed him as ‘lesser’.

The Canadian poster—looks like a feel-good hockey flick, right?
The American poster—not a hockey stick in sight!

The difference between the Canadian poster and the American one are startling—imagine their surprise when they found out it was a ‘hockey’ movie, eh? Indian Horse, as the posters highlight, won several prestigious awards. Not surprising given it was based on an award-winning and much admired novel.

No doubt more movies will be filming in our town soon. Keep an eye open for film crews or trailers. There are casting calls throughout the north too, so, if you fancy yourself a star in the making, pay attention—your closeup could be just around the corner…literally.

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