The Express—Now Arriving Online!

The latest edition—hot off the presses! See below for details.

Good news everyone! Capreol’s beloved newspaper, The Express, is back. And you can read it here!

That’s right, not only is Tony Skopyk back publishing the print version of The Express (look for it in several of Capreol’s more refined establishments) but has negotiated for the exclusive online rights. Okay, so ‘negotiated’ is a bit much—Tony asked if we’d host the link and we jumped at the chance!—but, regardless of the reasons, the town’s foremost news source is now available through our site. Merely look to the middle of our main page and click on the newspaper icon.

There are some benefits to reading it online. Full colour is just the first. Adjustable font sizes is another handy feature that the web-based version of The Express offers over the print copy.

Rather than spend all day lauding this much-missed publication we encourage you to skip right over and read The Express yourself.

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