And We’re Off!

Great news, everyone! We’ve gotten our first donations.

Big thanks to Jeannie Kilgour for her generous contribution. Made in honour of her late husband, Dave, who worked tirelessly for this community all of his life (and who was a proponent of Capreol getting online back in the 1990s, when our town was one of the first to hit the information superhighway!), the donation came at an opportune time.

Thanks also to the Northern Credit Union Delegates who wrote us a much-appreciated cheque. The NCU, for those who don’t know, are very active in and around Capreol…sponsoring numerous events in town. Where better to bank than in your home town institution? I like that they know my name and go that extra mile for me. Neighbours helping neighbours. It’s this community involvement that made our town great and will see us into the future.

These two monetary donations will help keep posting and growing. But more is always need—websites are expensive and time-consuming—if you’re not in a position to contribute financially we’ll take any sort of help: photos, stories, reviews, recipes, comments, you-name-it, we’re not fussy. Email us,

And thanks again.

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