Former Capreol Fastball Fixture Chosen For Hall of Fame

Don Prescott, the founder and manager of Capreol’s Junior/Juvenile fastball squad, is finally getting his due. Come June 12th, 2019, the man—still respectively called ‘Coach’ by an entire generation of our town’s youth—is being inducted into the Sudbury House of Kin Hall of Fame.

Capreol’s first Junior team

Though best known in Capreol for his work with young athletes, the North Bay born Prescott also officiated games, working as an umpire in several high-calibre local leagues (like the famed Royal Trading Fastball League), before moving on to foster the sport he loved well beyond the Capreol town limits.

The Juvenile team came up just short of the title

His decades of work, both on and off the field, are finally being recognized. Remembered fondly for his vocal presence on the Capreol Junior’s bench Don made his greatest contributions to the game behind the scenes, promoting and organizing fastball at almost every level of the Ontario Amateur Softball Association. His hard-nosed, small town drive allowed him to rise steadily through the sport’s provincial hierarchy, becoming only the second northern-born President.

Capreol’s final Junior championship team

But make no mistake Don wasn’t some career administrator. A fierce competitor, he could more than hold his own on the playing field too, filling in whenever ‘the boys’ were shorthanded.

Don excelled as an athlete long before taking up the coach’s mantle. The oldest of Harold and Esther Prescott’s twelve children he played competitive hockey in his prime, being recruited by Sudbury’s Max Silverman for the Junior Wolves, then captaining the Ryerson hockey team. Don signed a tryout agreement with the Boston Bruins before moving to Capreol to become player/coach for the Chiefs. As was traditional in our little railroad town athletes played hockey in winter and fastball in summer. This new sport became a lifelong passion and, though long retired from the game, it still hold a special place in his heart.

In 1984 he was awarded the F.R. Feaver Award, recognizing individual dedication, service, and devotion in the development of softball and was later give the Corps d’Elite Provincial Award by the government of Ontarian for his Volunteerism in Sport and Fitness.

He recently had a new award created in his honour. The Prescott Family Trophy acknowledges the tireless work that Don and his wife Naida gave to the sport of softball.

Don Prescott and his son, Delroy, pose with the new Prescott Family Trophy and a photo of Don with his late wife, Naida.
The Juveniles (note the batboy/mascot—Delroy Prescott)

So here’s to Don Prescott. Congratulations on the overdue entry into Sudbury’s Hall of Fame. All of Capreol is proud of you. And grateful too.

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