Times Have Changed

1959 is more than a lifetime ago for many. For others it seems just like yesterday. Thanks to Tony Skopyk we’re able to share this sixty year old copy of Capreol’s newspaper, then called The Capreol – Valley Express.

(Tony’s modern version, named The Express, returns to print this June. Keep your eyes open at local businesses for the first issue.)

For anyone wanting a copy please contact us at fatlouis13@gmail.com

The prices listed may make you cry—what we wouldn’t give for meat listed in cents or houses with just $1,000 down! But there’s plenty to make modern readers scratch their heads. The phone numbers—triple, double, or even single-digit—are just the tip of the proverbial ice-cube.

The Medical Building referenced throughout the paper was, eventually, converted into apartments. Our town has gone through several replacements since it stopped taking patients. Capreol’s health care needs are currently served by the Nurse Practitioner led Clinic located downtown in the former Mazzuca Furniture building.

If anyone has old newspapers (or clippings) they wish to share please contact us: fatlouis13@gmail.com

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