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Pizza is an iconic food in North America. The average citizen will eat six whole pizzas a year and the pizza industry is estimated to be worth more than $35 Billion a year (in the U.S. alone). That’s pretty impressive for a dish that, at the dawn of the 20th Century, was consumed almost exclusively by poor Italian immigrants. It wasn’t until U.S. soldiers returned home from duty in Italy during WW2 that pizza attained mainstream popularity, sparking a boom that is still being felt to this day.

Currently more North Americans identify pizza as their favourite meal than any other foodstuff—ranking it ahead of steak (#2) and chicken (#3). Pizza is served all across our continent, from mom & pop shops to high-end restaurants (where slices run into the hundreds of dollars and the single most expensive pizza cost $12,000!). School cafeterias routinely offer ‘Pizza Days’. Even hospitals are known to serve pizzas to patients, in hopes of providing a comforting slice of the familiar.

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Frozen pizzas are one of the best-selling prepackaged foods in modern grocery stores. Their ease and convenience more than making up for any shortcomings—and to be fair some of the freezer aisle’s newer options aren’t half bad.

Home delivery is one feature that sets pizza parlours apart. Long before arrival of online options, pimply-faced teens had perfected the art of home delivery. Who can forget waiting for “the pizza guy” to arrive? Or the first whiff upon opening the greasy box?

Delivery is, in fact, so popular that orders have come in (and been delivered to) from all over the world…and even beyond. With one chain managing to ship pizzas to the International Space Station.

Pizza in space!

For those of us residing in Capreol the #1 option for a quality slice is Crusty’s Pizza. Locally owned and run it has been supplying the town’s pizza cravings for years now. Offering a broad variety of mains (including: hamburgers, subs, sandwiches, panzerottis, and wings), a selection of tasty sides (fries, onion rings, garlic bread, salads, and more), and several specials a week—not to mention quick delivery—it’s no wonder the business has earned a devoted following.

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I recently ordered a “Deluxe” (pepperoni, bacon, mushroom, onion & green pepper) pizza from Crusty’s and was reminded, once again, why the place is my ‘go-to’ for hot and fresh pizza pies.

Don’t let appearances fool you. This humble exterior hides gastronomic wonders.

Let me start by admitting, when it comes to pizzas, I have certain expectations: it must taste good, it must have plenty of toppings, and it must be hot. Crusty’s fulfills all three requirements…plus the prices are low (just an additional $2.00 for in town delivery).

A pizza from Crusty’s. Mmmm…good.

Far too many modern pizza places are cutting corners. It seems the bigger the name the more chance of them being stingy with the toppings! And don’t get me started on the sizes—reducing the overall size of a pizza is an unforgivable sin. I’ve never encountered either problem with Crusty’s. (One chain, who shall remain nameless, sells a medium barely larger that Crusty’s small!)

Our local pizzeria is, in fact, so generous with their ingredients that bits drop off when you bite a slice (at least they do when I eat, but then I’m a notorious slob!). There are no bacon “bits” or mystery toppings so small you have to guess what’s what. Crusty’s bacon comes in chunks. The mushrooms, onions, and green peppers were all big and colourful too—none of this bland grey vegetables too often found in nationwide retailers. And the pepperonis are always plentiful!

Look at all the toppings! Crusty’s doesn’t disappoint.

The dough is tasty, balancing on that edge between soft and chewy but never crossing the line. And the crust is both thick and firm while retaining a certain flaky lightness that makes eating the entire slice a pleasure. There is no throwing the uneaten crusts back into the box with these pies.

Not everyone is a fan of Crusty’s sauce. It tends toward the milder side. But that’s one of the things that appeals to me, the sauce doesn’t overwhelm the other flavours. I like a lot of sauce on my pizza and, once again, the local pizza shop impresses—covering the entire pie, right to the crust.

A “Meatball Panzerotti” from Crusty’s Pizza. I’ve tried one and they’re delicious—if a bit messy!

Everything at our local pizza shop is good—I’ve sample most of their impressive menu and enjoyed each and every bite—but there’s a reason it’s called Crusty’s Pizza. Give them a try.

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  1. I still have mouth watering moments when I recall the Alfredo chicken pizza I sampled last year during Capreol Days. Yum.

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