Hello Capreol!

It’s time for Capreol to get online. Or, rather, back online.

Our town broke ground with its first web presence, www.capreolonline.com. For seventeen years, starting in 1999, Gary Biesinger ran a comprehensive community website. It was upbeat and informative, highlighting many of Capreol’s best features and provided—for the first time ever—a web-based central gathering place for local events and important announcements. CoL, as Gary affectionately called it, was even used as a model at a Provincial Mayor’s conference, showing how one man’s low-cost online effort could benefit the town as a whole. Health issues forced him to step away from that successful endeavour in November 2016 and, though several people showed interest in taking over, that site stagnated.

Luckily for our town we had several other, slightly more old-school, options. David Bateman founded The Capreol Press in the mid-2000’s and ran that quality local paper for several years until he moved south. Though he posted every issue online his site didn’t compete with the more ambitious CoL. Then, after a brief period of there being no Capreol newspaper, Tony Skopyk founded The Express. Tony published for several years, quickly becoming a community pillar. That endeavour ended in early 2019.

Which leads us to www.mycapreol.com.

It is our hope to borrow the best ideas from these predecessors and add our own unique twists. Our success or failure depends upon one thing: the people of Capreol. With your help we can be an up-to-date resource for our town, focussing on all the great things occurring in Capreol, and spreading word of our community far and wide. Send us your thoughts, your pictures, even your criticisms. We want it all.

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6 thoughts on “Hello Capreol!

  1. Congratulations on starting this website.I miss the paper and the old website.I lived there for 30 yrs,now live in Sudbury.I like to know when things are going on in Capreol because i like to go and support it.And of course see all the people i use to know there,like old home week.Keep up the good work.

  2. Great page:) I’ve shared it on a few pages on Facebook to help get the word out.

  3. Congratulations are in order to those of you taking on this project. I am excited to watch it develop and look forward to keeping up-to-date on my little town … The Little Town That Could … and did!

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